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Top 10 Best Bench Power Supply For 2018 (Review)

​​Which one is the best bench power supply? If you are searching for the best bench power supply for your science project, research or lab work try our 10 best ​bench power supply ​review now. 

Bench power supply is an essential instrument for researcher, student, hobbyist. Which is the best bench power supply on the market right now? This article will ​help you to decide which is the best and perfect for your science project, research or educational purpose.

Bench power supply is an electrical and electronic device which takes input from AC source and gives output in DC or AC in both cases DC is needed from power supply. The output voltage and current of the supply is adjustable and variable can be changed within desired range according to its capacity of output supply. Most of the cases DC 30V voltages and 5A current is used in most places. Where high DC voltage such 50V and 20A current needed, an high output generation capacity power supply is used like industry or research project.

best hobbyist benchtop power supply


Best budget bench power supply

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In our review we suggested top 10 best bench power supply after testing and analyzing the power supply with the help of our expert engineers spending 23 hours. According to test result, talking to customer and taking their review we made a list of top 10 Best budget bench power supply to help people to find which is perfect for them.

We found people are using most of the power supply from MASTECH Dr.Meter, Eventek, Tekpower, Siglent, Lavolt. You can pick one of them just read the whole review one by one, follow the table.

Bench Power supply is commonly used in school, college laboratory in electrical and electronic engineering for educational purpose, science projects, research institutes etc places where variable power needed.

​3 ​Best Benchtop Power Supply:

​Editor's ratings and three choices:

best hobbyist benchtop power supply

​10 ​Best Bench Power Supply in 2018:

bench power supply review

​Top 10 Best Bench Power Supply Review:

Our first choice is Dr.Meter MASTECH HY5020E DC Power Supply. Dr.Meter is American people’s best choice brand for the electrical and electronic device. This is the best reliable, high performance, durable and high accuracy power supply. The build in materials of Dr.Meter power supply is high, MASTECH makes always excellent product in electronics field. They have a great fame in the electrical and electronic components field such as multimeter, Power supply etc.

MASTECH HY5020E is high voltage and high current variable power supply. It has a high quality voltage regulator with the most stable and powerful DC supply. Maximum DC power of the power supply 1000W. It has two level voltage and current controlling output (coarse and fine) with adjustment of 0-50V and 0-20A range.

It has large clear 2 LED display clear visible readout voltage-current in both in well-lit and dark environment. Now a day’s LED displays are more preferable, much brighter and durable.

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimension size: 12" x 10" x 6"
  • Item shipping weight 13.6 pounds
  • Input power 110V AC
  • Adjustable output DC Voltage: 0 to 50V and current 0 to 20A
  • Two level of voltage and current controlling outputs : Coarse and fine for ease of use
  • Constant current and short-circuit protection


  • Clear LED display
  • High voltage regulation up to 50V
  • High current regulation up to 20A

This is the latest product from MASTECH. The most interesting factor of this power supply is that you are getting high range voltage and current measurement 50V & 20A with reasonable price. No other company offers you such high quality product within this range, you have to count minimum $300 getting such quality product but you are getting this below $300. If you are searching high range and highly durable power supply then we recommend you to pick it.

Eventek KPS305D high precision is the low budget high quality DC variable power supply. This is the best choice of those customers who has low budget. It is specially designed for the scientific research, school-college laboratory, electronic production lines and product development line. It is also an ideal choice for industry. Eventek KPS305D has short circuit protection and overload protection so don’t worry about using it. It is great reliable, high accuracy. The input voltage is both 110V or 220V AC supported and the output voltage and current is continuously adjustable at nominal value. It can be used for electro etching.

​We promise you that there is no other high quality power supply such Eventek KPS305D in the market with this range. You can check yourself.

Highlighted Features

  • Item Weight: 3.2pounds
  • 2 line LED display separate voltage and current measurement
  • Product Dimension: 8.8x 3.2x 6.5 Inch
  • Input voltage: 110V/220V AC
  • Output: DC Voltage 0-30V and current 0-5A adjustable
  • Constant voltage and constant current conversion
  • Light weight heavy output
  • Intelligent temperature control fan for cooling
  • Overload protection, limit current protection, thermal protection, short circuit protection
  • Built in thermo sensor intelligently temperature control
  • Intelligent noise reduction and prolong the life of product
  • User manual guide


  • Low cost best product
  • Light weight
  • FCC certified quality product

No doubt Eventek KPS305D is no 1 ranking Best budget bench power supply in Amazon best seller rank and our rank also. Just go with it make your job easy.

Tekpower TP3005T is our 3rd choice for best bench power supply. It took place in third position in our analysis but Tekpower TP3005T is playing market at rank 1 position in Amazon best seller. It is the most sold above 250 people bought this product and gave positive star marks and made it is the most popular variable power supply. It’s gained first place according to people’s choice.

Tekpower TP3005T is heavy duty, quiet, reliable, stable linear power supply with little noise compared to others.

Highlighted Features

  • Weight: 12.0 pounds
  • Dimension: 10 x 5 x 7 inches
  • Input: 110V AC, 60Hz
  • Adjustable range 0-30V voltage, 0-5A current
  • Power: 150Watt
  • Constant current and constant voltage operation
  • LCD display with 0.1V and 0.01A resolution
  • Automatic cooling fan with built in thermo sensor
  • High current limiting protection and cooling fan protection
  • Compact package included power cord, test leads, alligator clips, user manual with power supply


  • Low budget
  • Accuracy like $500 power supply
  • Stable
  • Durable


  • LCD display

Tekpower TP3005T is most exclusively sold by Electroninix through Amazon. It is indispensable for labs, science projects, research institutes with its versatility and reliability.

Siglent technology one of best top brand product seller in the market you will find today. With a super cool feature, it has launched unique design bench power supply which is

Siglent SPD3303X-E bench model. The product has three controlled independent output that can measure 32V means 10Mv/ 10Ma total power is 220W. It also provides linear parallel power supply output and noise is low that is excellent quality.

The display is 4.3inch TFT LCD that is so large and shows output in graphic reading, two different pattern one is 4digit voltage and other is 3dight current.

It also supports pc software, SCPI commands and Siglent instruments and included LabVIEW driver. Easy usable for schools, labs, industries or home which gives you the excellent and accurate voltage, current reading according to your need.

Highlighted Features

  • Isolated and controlled three individual outputs
  • Independent and parallel output
  • Trending graphs reading function
  • Current and voltage 32V/3.2A x 2
  • 2.5V/3.3V/5V/3.2A x 1 Total-220W
  • Interface USB/LAN
  • Automotive electronic test
  • Lab experiment on teaching
  • Quality assessment inspection
  • 5groups of timing setting output displays
  • R&D purpose lab test


  • High quality material
  • Easy manual with lots of function
  • Excellent addition in market

Over all super fantastic product to buy and creating own dream project with heavy class product which shows actually what is advertised.

Lavolta bench power supply one of best listed product for test team, laboratories, repair workshop and research facilities. You can easily use it for your testing project because it has the both support on input limit which is 220V/110V. It’s made the product different from other product.

With high reliability DC power supply the model is very helpful for using any home or lab purpose. Metal construction design and compact model is one of key feature for the meter. To use easily they designed a handle system which is great for your carrying.

For protecting from over loading and other circuit problem you can choose the model for your project. It also can automatically regulate the voltage and current so no worry about the regulation.

Highlighted Features

  • Voltage regulates 0-30V
  • Current regulates 0-5A
  • Adjustable control power
  • Dc power supply with high performance
  • Metal construction design
  • Cooling fan auto
  • Short circuit and over load protection
  • Carrying handle


  • Suitable for lab tests and schools
  • Easy to use
  • Unique design with handle

Over all great product with easy manual feature to control the voltage and current.

Dr. meter HY3005B is one of the best ranking product in our list for power supply. It is a perfect model for those who want to create any electric device or circuit board related project. Whenever your project needs to active through power, it goes to bench power supply then your device. So you must select a good bench power supply meterwhich can give the accurate power to your ongoing project.

After researching a lot, I find Dr. meter HY3005B model the best meter which is very strong and easy to use. Including user friendly manual anyone can use without any trouble if you are newbie no problem at all.

This provides like three types outputs; two types are adjustable by you up to 0-30V and 0-5A. Also has 4 color LED display which shows large and clear visible reading. It also supplies either two individual output or one output with twice the voltage or current output upto 60Vor 10A.

Besides Dr. meter is a world class brand company for electronics device, if you face any problem they are so helpful to solve it. They suggest to email them for complaining any kind of problem.

Highlighted Features

  • Two variable output 0-30V, 0-5A
  • Input 115V, 60Hz
  • Current and voltage adjustable
  • Short circuit power protection
  • 4color bright LED display
  • Light Weight and 1year warranty
  • Power cable, alligator clip included


  • Big display power supply
  • Easy to use
  • Cheaper and heavy quality

Over all great power supply product to buy in the market with easy control panel.

KORAD KA3005P one of the sturdiest, most durable power supply device you will find on the market today. Whenever needs the power in lab or educational purpose it is the best for using. With high performance, high reliability and accuracy it shows reading on fine clear 4 digit LED display. The linear power supply provides constant current and constant voltage with low noise which makes it very good at working place.

The model can adjust the current and voltage easily upto 0-30V and 0-5A. It also saves the product project from short circuit failure, over load and over temperature. 

If you want to buy reasonable power source which is made of high quality, choose the model because it’s the best at cost that can’t be beat.

Users are reviewed so many positive thoughts about the product. Actually they are very happy after using KORAD KA3005P.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable digital programmable
  • High accuracy and resolution 10MV/1MA
  • Current and voltage limits 0-30V and 0-5A
  • Over load, short circuit and over temperature protection
  • Interfaces’ RS232, USB
  • Manual, power cord, USB cable


  • Best seller ranks at cheap rate
  • Easy to use for college or lab
  • Heavy and solid reading accuracy

Good product for using power supply with adjustable features if you are thinking buy one of it, you can because reliable product.

Dr. meter PS-305DM is another rank seller product of electronics power supply by researching them. You can find out different types or brands of model for power supply purpose but one thing has to maintain is quality. Dr. meter is a qualified production house manufacturing since long time. They launched various model with long stability and durable with high performance. Besides comparing with price you will be winner at these point if you buy Dr. meter any products.

The power supply product continuously regulates current and voltage with constantly and individually. With high reliability and high accuracy shows accurate reading to DC power supply.

Starting from big lab purpose to the school students its performance is the best recommended. Users are very pleased after using it in their projects.

Highlighted Features

  • Single phase, single output
  • Voltage and current adjustable
  • Display 3LED
  • Dual input voltage 110/220V
  • Voltage output 0-30V
  • Current output 0-5A
  • Over load protection with auto cooling fan


  • Effective at cost
  • High performance
  • Easy to use

Over all good quality product for anyone to use and great performance.

Bench power supply is an important tool for any kind of lab or home practice use. Tekpower TP3005D model – a good quality power supply in our listing rank in the market. It provides generally a constant DC voltage which is upto 0-30V and 0-5A. Most of bench power supply has three types of output and one is just fixed type output. Also the input level is 110V/AC and roughly controlled level the voltage according to your project.

Really a great and effective tool which is reliable, invaluable and indispensable for testing science project. The voltage and current measuring reading is very clear on LCD display and accurate.

Practically used reviewed positive vibes for the power bench supply model.

Highlighted Features

  • LCD display with back lit light
  • Three variable output
  • Two constant modes
  • Automatic cooling fan
  • Output voltage 0-30V
  • Output current 0-5A
  • Input 110V/AC


  • Good tool for industrial or home use
  • High precision power supply

Researching all listed products Tekpower TP3005D is one of great featured tool for lab use.

In our listing rank the last one is Elenco XP-720K which is very popular in the market you will find out today. The top brand of united states manufacturing different electronics tool over 30 years. With triple output power supply the model featured regulates same as usual general other products. But the high quality performance differs the model from other. If you have a little budget for your power supply, without any tension choose world class brand Elenco XP-720K.

Featuring with a great model Elenco power supply is idle for home, schools, lab or engineering purpose.

The device is also helpful with your precise DC required measuring. Users used roughly for their project.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of AC/DC triple output power supply
  • Fully adjustable voltage and current
  • 1.25-15V for 1A and 1.25 to 15V for 1A
  • 3-30V for 1A and 5V for 3A
  • Protection from short circuit and over load
  • Also protects circuit failure
  • Light weight 7lbs


  • Effective and very cheap comparing
  • Great for students or lab engineering
  • Full regulated and easy to use
  • Also has variable AC supply

If you have a limit budget you can choose the model without any tension for your power supply system.

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