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How to write C programs

In this post I will discuss about what view of C programs mainly basic c program. How can we write? How C programs look? How to write c program? We will see some examples to learn it. The main aim of this post is to explain basic idea of C programming. This is c programming […]

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C printf

Printf  in  C: This is an easy printf tutorial. C language printf function is used to show output of program. C programming printf is the function which shows the output result of program on screen. Using printf we can show any statement on screen, the statement must be written in the bracket of printf( ) […]

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How to run c programs

What do we do to send writing to anyone? We use paper. Here paper is medium. Similarly in programming C language we need to write programs where the compiler can read the programs and realize it. So, an editor program is remained with every compiler, which works as paper. And the pen of this paper […]

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