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Power Probe 3 Master Kit

Are you confused to select Power Probe 3 Master Kit or Power Probe 4 Master Kit? Which one is perfect for your car short-open circuit test, ground feed, fuel injection test, audio test. ​Power probe 3 master kit is most popular and power probe 4 master kit has the latest technology. Which one you need? Power probe 3 is very reliable and power probe 4 is not much popular than 3 but day by day getting popularity.


Power probe master kit

Do you have the best power probe master kit set on your car? If not check out our top 10 best power probe master kit review. You will get complete buying guideline and your confusion will be gone after reading our review. We have selected the most popular best power probe 3 master kit and the best power prob 4 master kit for your self automotive dependence. Test your car short circuit, ground feed, fuel injection working properly or not.

Power Probe Master Kit is an essential tool for automobile user. It is needed for testing components on and off the vehicle, checking for the good and bad grounds, testing for continuity and diagnosing circuit failures. If the vehicle owner keeps it in his car he can check system failure on his own way no need to go to technician. Some important tools should be needed always on the car for emergency like electric impact wrench, power probe master kit etc.

Maximum automobile user in US keeps it in their car. Testing of fuel injection is going correctly or not, is there any short circuit or ground fault in the vehicle etc checking is necessary for every car owner. If your car stops in a place where there is no mechanic nearby miles away from you, what will you do then? Keeping the Power Probe Master Kit is an intelligent idea no need to depend on other. You can solve small problems by yourself.

Power probe 4 master kit

Power Probe 3 Master Kit and Power probe 4 master kit are the most popular kit for automobile testing. We spent 4 days researching which one is the best power probe master kit in the market with the help of our senior electrical and automobile engineer. They tested each product in our lab and talked to the customer which problem are they facing with certain product or which facility they are getting.

Power Probe 3 Master Kit is very popular and familiar in America. Above 90% people are using Probe 3. It includes 3 in one package which attracts more.

The new upgrade of Power Probe 4 Master Kit in automobile. Gradually it is getting popularity. It includes some upgraded feature. Some people always have craze about using upgrade product. It depends person to person.

​Consider before buying best Power Probe Master Kit:

If you want to buy best Power Probe Master Kit consider below factors

i) Budget: Budget is the main important factor all of them. If your budget is low don’t worry we stormed market and took the best Master Kit for you only for $100. Our suggestion try to increase your budget if possible to $200-$300, buy one time and get forgotten when you bought I mean it will last long. We only select long lasting high efficient product.

ii) Durability: The entire user wants to buy a product which is durable. Some products are good for few months but after few months it is damaged which is not expected. Here we analyzed the market and gave you list of top 10 best power probe master kit with high durability.

iii) Accuracy: Accuracy is another most important feature of Power Probe. You should pick up one which gives 100% accurate result. Sometimes you can check your power probe readings with the help of multimeter when it is old working properly or not.

iv) Reliability: If your device is not reliable then all in vain. You need a reliable device which will give you mental and performing satisfaction. 

v) Functions: Auto ranging functions is recommended. It will save your valuable time.

​Best Power Probe 3 Master Kit and Power Probe 4 Master Kit:

Top 10 Best Power Probe Master Kit  Reviews:

01. Power Probe PPKIT03 Master Test Kit

Hey, guys your car is talking so start listening. You may think but how? Here is the listener guide power probe PPKIT03 master test kit. The model is the best power probe kit in the market. Proverb says old is gold, it suits for the model.

All though It has launched in 2007 but comparing the other, it is the super power package for vehicle. Detect any kind of circuit failure, micro little problem with components, voltage problem and many undetected problems can be solved easily with this power kit. The model is a one kind of master piece with power probe III. It includes a full package of PP319FTC, PPLS01 and ECT2000 Kit. It is also named as master technicians choice.

We selected it as winner comparing and analyzing many factor. It will worth your penny.

It is light in weight and easy to use. It is a complete set for vehicle problems and also cheaper than other kit. Users are very pleased having this.

This model is the best popular power probe master kit on the market.

Highlighted Features

  • The model is power probe III
  • Leadset is gold series, also ECT2000
  • Leads are 4mm and connectors
  • Locate open and short circuits easily
  • Reads quickly 1/10th volt
  • Easily can read backlit voltmeter
  • Tester continuity and works on12-24v sources relay


  • Nice tool for tracing electrical issues
  • Best kit at cheaper rate
  • Great DVD tutorial

Overall research this is the first rating power probe kit for any vehicle and the master technician’s choice. Without any doubt you can go with it.

After researching the market power probe IV is the latest great version kit first market appearance in 2014. If you want to have the latest update model, power probe IV is super included feature for that. Many don’t know how to solve their vehicles problem easily.

Because they are confused to handle the lighter and torch. The master tool has a DVD tutorial by driving that one can easily activate components. Any kind of circuit failure or device error can be detected and without knowing any sources just do exact thing to solve the problem. It is actually very easy to use. There is long extension to power up and component functioning test. The model is additional model of fuel injector and also good driver Tester and ECT2000 Signal tracer.

Comparing all of featured it is the best because of extra edition updated version. Review has shown very good responses. People just love it after using the great kit, no trouble at all.

Highlighted Features

  • Tools for Power and Ground Functioning test
  • Detect electric circuit components error
  • Ohmmeter and digital voltmeter for circuit test
  • Easy to navigate
  • LCD large color screen displayed
  • Frequency, pulse width, AC-RMS, AC peak for signal test
  • Fuel injector for circuit diagnosed
  • Safe voltage detects for PC driver with PCM/RMS


  • Latest upgraded model with lots of great features
  • Every vehicle rider should have one of it
  • Worth every penny to buy

After researching 96 hours the best is power probe IV, one can trust it for their vehicle trouble shoot.

Power probe PPKIT04 4 Master Kit is one of latest super tool in modern market. It has launched in the late of 2016. The model has more testing capabilities than the power probe 3. The resistance, power and ground supply, frequency and fuel injection measurement and failure checker system comes with latest upgraded. Same as has the gold lead series.

​Simply understanding the menu and also stable features. Short and open circuit is detected by the help of it. All the transistors, circuits, volt troubleshooting problem can easily solve with the master kit. I recommend it because of fresher upgraded features makes it awesome.

Highlighted Features

  • Great master kit with latest upgrade version
  • Powerful gold lead series
  • Long extension wire
  • Short and open circuit program solver
  • Fuel injector testing
  • Tester driver
  • Power all the components
  • Frequency tester


  • Great tool kit with all the updates
  • Should have one of the master kit
  • Easy to use

Overall a very sharp and good master tool kit for any kind of vehicle. If you want a latest version power probe master kit, have one of it.

Power Probe PPROKIT01 is another quality product which red case color. The model is upgraded from the last version; it has manufactured 2015.One of great tool kit everyone should have one of it for their vehicles. It measures resistance up to 60M ohms, current from .001Amps to 10Amps. Also can fully detect any power and ground functioning test.

 It is designed to use in easily way to start things with kit. Also has a manual to read which is so easy to understand. Users are so please to use the vehicle. Even some of those highly recommended the tool kit for higher performance.

This is a very nice set of equipment for any kind of vehicle test. It saves your money and also vehicles.

Highlighted Features

  • The model is upgraded version of power probe III
  • From deep ground on or off vehicle can detect circuit failure
  • Power supplies and ground component test
  • Resistance to 60M ohms, .001amps to 10amps measuring capacity
  • Also detects from -4degree Fahrenheit -1832
  • Hybrid safe for AC/ DC volt CAT-IV 600V


  • Great set of package equipment
  • Very handy for quick problem solve
  • Cheaper than other

Overall a great kit set for your vehicle. No more time waste in auto shop, just use the perfect latest power probe kit.

Power probe PP3LSO1 is one of the greatest kit for your vehicle. If there is any kind of trouble like circuit failure, hidden components problem etc, you can find easily the solution by using power probe PP3LSO1. It has a compact package power supply to activate electronic components, ground feed tester, digital volt meters, adapters to fit. The model launches many tools and accessories from power probe III. The new version is lot easier to use. Why using money in automobile shop, if there a super power kit which brings all the problem solver ways. User are so happy having the power kit.

Highlighted Features

  • Activate easily electronic components
  • Large 20 feet extension lead
  • Connectors and leads are 4mm
  • Detect any circuit failure
  • Activate electronic components
  • Power probe 3 accessories
  • Cigarette lighter adapter 3feet tip
  • Latest form of power probe III
  • Printed manual sheet has the red cable direction


  • Great kit with good working facilities
  • Power up circuits easily
  • Super package kit for any vehicle

Power probe PP3LSO1 is a fine problem solver kit your vehicle with latest updates.

Power Probe The Hook is an ultimate circuit tester. The diagnostics just becomes easier, smart and more powerful with the hook Power Probe. It intelligently selects the correct meter and range also when you touch the HooK’s probe tip to the circuit. That’s an amazing advantage for the automobile technician. It has power shot mode which allows you to power on components at a moment’s notice.

The Hook Power Probe is designed for modern technician testing fast and efficient electrical tool. Switching one mode to another is hassle. Don’t worry the Hook has automatic switching to the appropriate tool. It shows results automatically in ohms when it senses resistance within 0 to 15 Mega ohms which is very high resistance no general Kit can’t measure such resistance. It shows in volt when sense voltage and measures 0 to 99.99V voltage. The Hook is powerful it can handle 100 Amp current inrush and 25 Amp continuous current.

Highlighted Features

  • Auto range selection
  • 20 feet cable
  • 4mm banana jack
  • Large screen LCD display showing 2 lines data
  • 0-15 Mega ohms resistance measurement
  • 0-99.99V voltage measurement
  • 25 Amp continuous current measure
  • Test relays
  • It has adjustable electronic circuit breaker
  • It is computer safe
  • Hot shot mode
  • It lets you work in sensitive circuits to heavy loads with great confidence
  • Allows to test multi pole relay contacts simultaneously measuring the coil resistance


  • It’s smart
  • It’s powerful
  • It’s easy
  • Automatic range selection
  • Less time diagnosing
  • Large display screen
  • Handy only 14.4 ounces of weight

Power Probe The Hook is great power product to make diagnosing more efficient. It is the first choice for the modern automotive technician for fast testing and high efficiency.

Power Probe III - Black is a fantastic automotive test device. It is the cheapest best device in the market. Our 08 and 07 number product price and features are almost same but this device Power Probe III Black has a large sold out counts. This is an absolute great circuit tester. It saves much time in diagnosing providing power and ground.

It has 5 powerful electrical auto diagnostic modes in 1 tool. The most amazing feature of this tool you can work with 40 feet expandable cable with 20 feet lead.

Highlighted Features

  • 20 feet cable with 40 feet extension
  • 5 mode in one tool
  • cigarette lighter adapter
  • 3" extension probe
  • battery hookup clips
  • Build in flash light
  • Operation within 12V-42V
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • Blow molded hard case for carrying
  • Short circuit and voltmeter indicator
  • Audio test indicator
  • Relay, component and continuity tester


  • 40 extension cable
  • Reliable
  • High accuracy

Power Probe III is the product for them who want to diagnose the electrical system very fast and accurate solution.

Power Probe III Carbon Fiber Edition is our number 8 product. It is the Amazon best seller 1st rank product. It comes with Red, Black, Blue, Carbon Fiber, Camouflage, Fire, Green color. It is specially designed with carbon fiber edition well finished. The most amazing feature of this Probe is 20 foot jumper lead which you will not get from other product. This Power Probe III is ideal for vehicle continuity testing, short circuit testing, relay and component testing.  When you will connect the power probe to the power source you will get a multitude of testers right at your fingertips. It works on 12-24V DC power source.

The Power Probe III Circuit tester has ability to supply power or ground with the indicator tone and bright white LED headlamps indication. It is highly capable of audible circuit monitoring. Using auxiliary ground cable it checks the continuity and test components. Power Probe III is protected with an 8 Amp range circuit breaker. If any fault happens it will save the tool.

Highlighted Features

  • 20 foot extension jumper lead
  • 4mm Standard Banana Jack
  • Continuity tester
  • Bad indicator
  • 12V power adapter
  • Blow Molded Carry Case
  • Short circuit tester
  • Relay & component tester
  • Probe tip
  • Battery clipset
  • Cigarette Lighter adapter
  • User manual


  • All the necessary tools in one packet
  • High performance
  • Highly protected if any fault occurs

Power Probe III Carbon Fiber Edition is a fantastic Probe for your vehicle to diagnose circuit failure, testing continuity and checking for good and bad ground.

Power Probe PPKIT03S Master Kit is constructed with decent parts. It combines the power of the Power Probe III and PPLS01 with ECT3000 to quick troubleshoot and diagnose circuit conditions. Power Probe PPKIT03S saves time by not teaching up wire harness, carpets, and panels. It works great to locate open or short circuit test. Don’t worry the Kit has hot or ground switch and the voltage reading on the screen. This item is getting full 5 stars for its user friendly behavior but very powerful tools.

Highlighted Features

  • Item weight 6.19 pounds
  • Dimensions 15 x 3.6 x 12.2 inches
  • Power source: 2 AAA batteries required (Included)
  • The signal distance bar the Probe indicates the distance height from short to ground or open circuits
  • LED light on the receiver of Power Probe PPKIT03S Master Kit illuminates the work space area
  • It has power up components


  • Easy to operate
  • Low price
  • High efficient

Most of the customer said they got more than they expected from Power Probe PPKIT03S. Don’t be confused it’s a complete Power Probe III high performing product. Use Power Probe PPKIT03S all the time worth every penny in your automobile.

Power Probe ECT2000 is the most popular Probe in the market. Because it is playing in the market since May 9, 2006. This tool is made of U.S. with global material. There is proverb Old is gold. People have faith in Power Probe ECT2000. Now a day it is also deep in the heart of many people. Users of this product don’t search new one. They are very fond of it.   

It is very light in weight only 2 pounds. This Probe works with 12V-42V. It is well designed for easy navigation; there is no complexity on operation. Anyone can run it without hassle. All the necessary components are including this package.

Highlighted Features

  • Dimension 7.4 x 2.7 x 10 inches
  • 20 feet lead
  • Open or short circuit test
  • Signal injection and tracing
  • It has direction indicator for shorts
  • It consists of two units are the transmitter and the receiver
  • Includes audible alert
  • Complete user guide


  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Accuracy

It’s a great piece of tool to find short circuit or ground in your automobile.

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