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Best Microcontroller Kit to Start With: Review

Try our 10 best microcontroller kit for your science project, research or educational purpose. Our suggestion for the beginner to start with microcontroller kit. You will get all the necessary components which you need. No soldering hassle, no extra buying components. If you buy a package including all the important components needed for your project then nothing to worry. They provide user guide with some real life project in the microcontroller kit package.


Microcontroller is an electronic device which controls the circuit operation. The operation program is loaded in the memory of microcontroller with the help of development board which is also called mircrocontroller burner or board.Total operation of microcontroller is done on a board called Arduino board. It is the easiest board for beginner.

Best Microcontroller Kit to start with

Our review for the ​best microcontroller kit for beginners will help you to select which is the best for you.

Only two factors should be considered before buying microcontroller kit

i) Budget

ii) Brand

i) Budget: You can get from $20-$150 best microcontroller kit. Our suggestion is to buy which has some project idea user guide with full instruction. It will save your time. Buying a package is interesting thing all the components are in one packet. Don't worry many companies supply with low price. Easily you can pick one.

ii) Brand: There are many brands. Which one is the best. That keep for us. We have an expert team of engineers who are always testing the products spending their valuable time, talking to the customers who bought it. Finally we go in a conclusion and advise people to choose. We have spent 23 hours selecting brands and products. You can trust on us. 

In our review we got Elegoo company has taken overall market we took 5 products from them and 5 items are from different companies.

Best Microcontroller Kit​ For Beginner:

​Three choices and ratings by editor:

Best Microcontroller Kit to Start With: Review

​Best Microcontroller Kit Review:

Best Microcontroller Kit to Start With: Review

Ultimate Arduino microcontroller pack is a super model for beginners. Over 100 pieces are available in this super power package. One can easily dive into the microcontroller world by having these. Professional to beginner anyone can complete their mission by online tutorial knowing nothing about source. They offered such amazing features for customers to do their dream project. The components include mini motors, resistors, tilt sensors etc. One user gave his son as a surprising gift to motivate and noticed that his son just having great time with those components. In a cheap rate getting so many useful components is just the perfect microcontroller for beginners.

Highlighted features

  • Made of quality material and reasonable at price
  • Over 100 pieces’ components are included in package to do any project
  • Different types of resistors, mini motors, microchips, screen, headers, marker shield and other mini things are included in this super power package
  • The item is 1.35 pounds’ weight and dimension is 8.5 x 3.2 x 10.6 inches
  • Arduino Uno SMD is also included and not compatible with electronics of 2nd edition


  • Over all great microcontroller kit with a lots of pieces includes various features
  •  Very helpful and easy to use for those who are beginners

​Elegoo upgraded 37 in 1 sensor modules kit is one of best microcontroller in the market. Because it is upgraded at lot of things according to their customer’s review. There are many lessons pdf file to create any project, so no tension about the usage of the device. It is a perfect gift for your child or anyone who obsessed with electronics or robotics area. Many unwanted modules have been removed to upgrade the version such as heart beat sensor, light cup, mercury etc. Some of us thinks electronics subject is very hard thing to understand not for me. No, you can proof wrong creating real time device with Elegoo sensor modules kit. User are so pleased after buying the kit.

Highlighted Features

  • Helpful for beginners having pdf lessons anyone can use it easily
  • Remove many unwanted modules to help user in so many ways
  • No mercury in latest version, notice other may have
  • Fully upgraded than the old version, available tutorial Arduino UNO R3, UNO etc​​​​
  • New updated for user friendly usage and also very light weight


  • Over all good modules kit for anyone in a cheap rate than other. So you can enjoy the great science and create your own world

Elegoo mega board is one of the great pack with many upgraded features. It is 100 percent compatible with Arduino and others Arduino shift model Arduino 2560. The model is very easy to use and simple features included. The company continually updated their modules for their customers, because they are original product and made of high quality material. It has a good microcontroller, voltage operating system, flash memory, input & output method and also a USB cables to connect direct to PC. Many users used it for their various purposes and very pleased.

Highlighted Features

  • The mega board is 100% compatible with Arduino and specific for Arduino Mega 2560 R3
  • Like the company version, Atmega16u2 and Atmega2560 are the chip model of the board
  • Different modules are included in the model to use easily such as microcontroller, voltage operating system
  • USB cable in available to connect PC
  • Power just with AC to DC or with battery and work


  • Good mega board with free USB cable in a reasonable price comparing with others easy to use

​Elegoo UNO R3 is a complete starter kit for beginners or professional. More than 200 components are included in it with 63 Arduino products. Very easy and simple to use with this super kit anyone can built their dream project. Electronics is not complicated as we think it is. If you have one of these multi-purpose kit, no tension at all. For using the model there are various pdf and tutorials. Besides it is also great for children, lab engineers and perfect for beginners. All the modules are so organized that anyone can easily control them. Most amazing microcontroller super kit for buying. Users just so pleased after buying Elegoo UNO R3.

​Highlighted Features

  • Elegoo UNO R3 is the best starter kit for anyone in the market with over than 200 components
  • There are many pdf and tutorial to use it easily
  • The model is included with micro controller and USB cable
  • Many mini and micro things are attached with these package in a small case such as diodes, LED’s
  • All the modules are soldered very well that anyone can wire up quickly


  • Overall a super starter kit for those who love to create their own electronics world.

Here is another best Elegoo UNO super starter kit. Elegoo is a top class brand which produce good quality microcontroller included starter kit with so many useful components. Economically the model is best for any kind of project which very useful for student, children and lab engineers. There are also many pdf and tutorials to use the model. Arduino UNO starter kit is 100 percent compatible with Arduino UNO R3. User are so much happy after getting it.

​Highlighted Features

  • The model is economically reasonable and easy way to start programming for those who are beginners
  • Upgraded starter kit with modules power supply and 9V battery​​​​
  • There are many PDF files and tutorials to use it easily
  • Pin header with lcd602 modules
  • Please do not use the model over 9V


  • Elegoo starter kit is overall a complete package of beginners who are passionate about electronic device
  • Also reasonable than other kit

​Sunfunder ultimate Arduino is a compact package of doing any projects. It is one of amazon’s choice product. High sensor modules are main feature of the kit. ­Every sensor integrates with important components such as transistor, capacitor, resistor, comparator etc. There are manual project learning the basic knowledge. So with the help of this kit anyone can make any project in real life. The kit is Mega 2560 R3 model board included. There is every description of every component with image, datasheets, codes. Also has a well-designed case with storing components serially.

Very good beginning kit quality for any kind of age. So many components usable so of course download the manual at first. Then everything will be so easy. Users are happy using the kit.

Highlighted Features

  • Great microcontroller included kit with 37 self-designed module sensor
  • User manual 35projects with all usage of components and images also
  • Have also pdf file to understand
  • The mega board is 2560 R3 developed board
  • Easily anyone can learn circuit connection


  • Reasonable comparing the quality of components
  • Manual easy to read
  • Best gift for any age

​Ultimate Arduino starter kit is one of the best market seller product on amazon’s choice. It has completely every component what you need to do your own real project. The model also brought the programming in so easy way for beginners. It is included with 72-page full color manual instruction. By researching those page once, you got the idea what you have to do then just jump in your dream project. Arduino Uno Rev3 board is developed in the construction of the model. Every little component is explained briefly in the manual feature. To give the knowledge of electronics circuit and programming Arduino brings the super cool kit for us.

Users reviewed positive things about the products so we may buy it without any hesitation. It is worth every spending penny.

Highlighted Features

  • The main board is genuine Arduino Uno Rev3
  • Over 100 components included
  • Make easily Arduino projects with the kit
  • Over 190 electronic part is available
  • Manual instruction 72-page color
  • USB Cable, DC Motor, Holder
  • Holder, Jumper wires, Bread board


  • Awesome kit for kid or any age
  • Reasonable than other board
  • Easily understandable components with guide

​UNO means one in Italian language from there the model is named. Arduino Uno microcontroller based board is made in Italy.​ This is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328 familiar microcontroller used by most electronic engineer. It is one of the best microcontroller based board which is very popular in marker for easy to use and simplicity. All needed components are included in the package such as USB Cable, power jack, icp header etc. With 14 digital input/output method it connects with your project and also has 16MHz crystal oscillator. You just need to connect with your pc with AC-to-DC OR battery and do your project. Nothing to worry about any program or error, if anything happens you can replace it. The microcontroller has everything to support the project. Users are reviewed just great thinking for the model. They also very happy getting the board.

Highlighted Features

  • The model is made in Italy
  • It has crystal 16MHz oscillator
  • Also connect pc with USB cables
  • 6 analog inputs log
  • Input/ output pins are 14 digital
  • ATmega328 based microcontroller


  • Genuine model of Arduino world
  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable comparing market

Elegoo one of the best electronic components and starter kit maker company. They are very reliable. Elegoo Mega 2560 Ultimate Starter Kit has lot of components. If you can count you will be tired. This starter kit has more than 200pcs components and premium quality Arduino kit. More than 35 lessons tutorial in the CD. Elegoo have always cared about customer experience and try to improve the product function details. No need to buy breadboard it is included in package.

The high quality components and sensors are included. Everyone can learn electronics and programming using this starter kit.

Highlighted Features

  • Premium quality Arduino kit
  • Over 200pcs components
  • More than 35 tutorials
  • Lcd1602 module and gy-521 sensor module with pin header
  • LED, buttons, diodes, IC etc so many
  • 74HC595 Shift Register and LEDs
  • DC Motors and L293D Transistor
  • LCD1602 Display module

Elegoo Mega 2560 Ultimate Starter Kit is a professional package. This is the top ranking kit. The customers are very happy with it. No one said any negative. You can check it out.

​Our first choice Arduino Starter Kit Deluxe. It’s an amazing kit. It includes everything you need. This is an exclusive microcontroller starter kit. It also including the bestselling book from make magazine. The book has a complete guideline which you help you more. Arduino Starter Kit Deluxe includes a total of over 200 electronic parts and components.

Highlighted Features

  • Including bestselling starter book
  • It also includes Arduino Uno R3 and Exclusive speed kits Arduino PIN OUT quick reference chart
  • 15 project components
  • Over 200 electronic parts and components in one package
  • No need to shop Breadboard, sensor, LED

You can build 15 projects completely using the book such TOUCH FEEL LAMP, HACKING BUTTON, SPACESHIP INTERFACE, LOVE O METER and so more projects. It is the best starter kit.

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