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The device which raises or lowering voltage is called transformer. Previously I have discussed about ideal transformer and practical transformer, working principal of transformer also. Transformer gives same output power which we give as input power but raise or down voltage corresponding current decrease or increase. Input and output frequency is same. We also know transformer is used only ac current.

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Practical transformer

Practical transformer is different from ideal transformer in many respects. Ideal transformer has no losses but practical transformer have

  • Iron losses
  • Magnetic leakage
  • Winding resistances

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Ideal transformer on no load

 A transformer is ideal if it has

  • No leakage flux
  • No windings resistance
  • No iron loss in core

Ideal transformer can not possible physically. But it gives powerful tool in the analysis of a practical transformer. Properties of ideal and practical transformer is very close each other.

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The efficiency of electrical power transmission has improved for using higher voltages.  Alternating current has entirely replaced by the direct current for power transmission and distribution. For producing higher voltages ac generator is better than dc generator.

Transformer is an electrical device for transferring electrical energy one circuit to another circuit without changing frequency. It is widely using in alternating current now a days.

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