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Basic gates

There are three basic gates in digital electronics. These are NOT gate, AND gate & OR gate.

NOT gate / Inverter: NOT gate is called inverter also. Operation of NOT gate is if input is high output is low and if input is low then output is high. Another words output is always inverse or toggle of input. So it is called inverter. Circuit diagram of inverter is given below diagram of not gate Read more on Logic gates…

Boolean algebra is a means for expressing the relationship between a logic circuit’s inputs and outputs.

Digital circuits called logic gates circuits can be constructed from diodes, transistors and resistors connected so that the circuit output is the result of a logic operation (OR.AND, NOT).

A truth table is a means for describing how a logic circuit’s output depends on the logic levels present at the circuit’s inputs.

The OR GATES is the first of the three basic Boolean operations to be learned. The truth table in figure-1 shows what happens when two logic inputs, A and B are combined using the OR operation to produce the output x.The table shows that x is a logic 1 for every combination of input levels where one or more inputs are1.The only case where x is a 0 is when both inputs are 0.

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